AD FastReporter - Features

All report fields have description and LDAP attribute name so it is easy to find fields and understand what that field will show you.

All field values are converted to an easily readable format so everyone can understand them and you do not have to use other tools to convert those values.

Reports are saved in the archive that is secure, local database so you can view, export reports that you have created in the past.

AD FastReporter uses SQLite as an embedded SQL database engine. SQLite does not need server or separate process. It only needs some .DLL files and database file that all are include in the setup file. More information.

Create task that you can call from the command line and schedule them from your favorite task scheduling tool so you can automate report generation and distribution process.

Send reports directly from AD FastReporter as an email message or as attachments (CSV, XLSX, and HTML).

Export to CSV, Excel (XLSX) and HTML formats. Sample files.

Easy to create your own custom report form - create your own filters and choose display fields. You can filter standard LDAP attributes and calculated fields too.

Connect to any Active Directory domain you have access to with current or custom credentials so you can use it on multiple domains.

We have optimized LDAP request to the minimum count. AD FastReporter uses an intelligent caching mechanism to boost up the speed.

AD FastReporter will send LDAP request to each domain controller in the domain to get accurate values for any non-replicated fields (Last Logon Time, Bad Password Time, etc.).

AD FastReporter fields include standard LDAP attributes and several custom fields that are calculated from multiple LDAP attributes and algorithms. Fields which are calculated and you will not find in any other reporting tool:
Group Membership (Direct Member), Group Membership (Inherited/Parent), Group Membership (All), Universal Group Membership (Direct Member), Distribution Group Membership (Direct Member), Domain Local Group Membership (Direct Member), Security Group Membership (Direct Member), Global Group Membership (Direct Member), Number Of Groups (Direct), Primary Group, Group Members (Direct), Number Of Members (Direct), Group Members (All), Group Members (Inherited/Parent), Number Of Members (All), Last Logon DC, Last Logon Time, Managed Accounts, Managed Accounts Count Password Expire Date, Must change password at next logon.

Fast installation process. It runs on all modern Windows OS and even some older like Windows XP SP3 and Windows Server 2003. The main requirement is Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.0 Client Profile or later. AD FastReporter can be installed on a domain server or a workstation joined to Active Directory.

AD FastReporter comes in 32-bit and 64-bit version that both are included in setup file and will automatically determine which version is suitable for your system.

You can fully use it without Administrator account. It works with any account who can log in the domain.

All calculated field algorithms are based on Microsoft resources like locked out which is based on domain lockout policy.

Create domain connection to use an entire domain or just one OU (Organizational unit).

View group members which have direct memberships or with inherited memberships.

View group membership in different dimensions like direct, inherited groups, security groups and many others.

View all built-in reports.

View all available fields.

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