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Creating tasks

Task! What is it?

A task is a set of configurations, which helps You to automate report generation process. Task configuration consists of name, connection, report form and its field configuration, and various report result processing options.

Tools-->Task manager-->New task

New task form

1. Task ID

Auto generated task ID. It is a read-only field and used for task identification. For new task it will be empty, because it is generated, when the task is saved.

2. Connection

Connection used to execute this task.

3. Report category

Task report category.

4. Report form

Task report form.

5. Report form settings

Task report form display field settings. If not set, the default display fields will be used.

Customize report fields
  1. Available fields.
  2. Add to display fields.
  3. Remove from display fields.
  4. Display fields.

6. Save report in database

Tick, to save the report to the database.

7. Export reports to file

Tick, to export the report to a file.

8. Export path

Provide the report export path.

9. File format

Choose an export format.

10. File name mask

Create export file name mask.

11. Show file name example

Test file name mask, to make sure it provides results You’re looking for.

12. Send reports via email

Tick to send the report by email.

13. Email format

Choose the report email format.

14. Email recipients

Provide email recipients.

15. Customize email form

Customize email message.

Customize email
  1. Email recipient.
  2. Carbon Copy (CC) is also the receiver of Your mail, who’ll receive the copy of your mail.
  3. Email subject.
  4. Email message.

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