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AD FastReporter - Online manual

How to schedule a task using Task Scheduler

First, create a task in the task manager.
Second, go to the task manager, select the task and copy the execution command. It consists of PROGRAM_PATH/ADFastReporter.exe /task TASK_ID.

Task manager window

Before scheduling the task, you can test it at the command prompt by copying the execution command from the task manager. As you do this, you will see various log messages - wait until the task is complete.

You can use any task scheduling software. This example was created in Windows Server 2012 R2 built-in Task Scheduler.

Open Task Scheduler.

Windows Task Scheduler

Actions-->Create Basic Task...

Enter task name and description. Press Next.

Create Basic Task Wizard

Select the task trigger. In this example, we will use a daily trigger.

Choose task trigger

Configure the trigger settings.

Task trigger settings

Select an action - Start a program.

Task action

Copy the execution command from the task manager to the Program/script field.

Task action settings

When you click Next, you will see this message - press Yes.

Task action settings information dialog

Review your settings and press Finish.

Task setting review

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