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How to schedule a task using Task Scheduler

First, create a task in the task manager.
Second, go to the task manager, select the task and copy the execution command. It consists of PROGRAM_PATH/ADFastReporter.exe /task TASK_ID.

Task manager window

Before scheduling this task, You can test it at the command prompt by copying execution command from task manager. When executing, You will see various log messages - wait until the task is complete.

You can use any other task scheduling software. This example was made in Windows Server 2012 R2 built-in Task Scheduler.

Open Task Scheduler.

Windows Task Scheduler

Actions-->Create Basic Task...

Enter task name and description. Press Next.

Create Basic Task Wizard

Select task trigger. In this example, we will use a daily trigger.

Choose task trigger

Configure the trigger settings.

Task trigger settings

Select an action - Start a program.

Task action

Copy the execution command from Task manager to the Program/script field.

Task action settings

By clicking Next, You will see this message - press Yes.

Task action settings information dialog

Review Your settings and press Finish.

Task setting review

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