AD FastReporter - Online manual

Online manual

Custom connection

Options-->Connection manager-->New

Create a new connection

1. Name

Enter connection name, used only for identification purposes.

2. Use current domain

Tick, if You want to use current user's domain.

3. Domain

Enter domain name, if You want to use a custom domain, for example -

4. User current user credentials

Tick, if You want to use current user credentials.

5. Username

Enter a username for Active Directory authorization.

6. Password

Enter a password for Active Directory authorization.

7. Save password

Tick, if You want to save Your password in the database. If the password is not saved, then anytime, when authorization is required, You will be asked to provide a password.

8. Domain controllers

Choose if You want to use all domain controllers or only selected domain controllers for report data gathering. Only selected domain controllers can be used, if some of the registered domain controllers are shut down.

9. Domain controller list

List of available domain controllers. Tick which domain controllers You want to use.

10. OU

Used as report generation search root. You can provide a specific container for report generation.

11. Use as default connection

Tick, if You want to use this connection as Your default connection.

12. Test

Test connection settings.

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