AD FastReporter - Online manual

Online manual

First start

Once it is installed and activated, if necessary, run AD FastReporter using the specified desktop shortcut.
At first launch You will be welcomed by a Getting Started Guide, which will explain step-by-step, how to generate Your first report.

Step 1

Select report category.

Select AD report category

Step 2

Select report form.

Select report form
See description and filter for selected report forms to better understand, what exactly this report form will generate.
Selected report forms description and filter

Step 3

Customize report fields.

Customize fields

To view available fields, browse or filter the left fields list and press the Add --> to add it to your report.
Remove fields from the list on the right side, if You don't need them in Your report.

Filter fields

Step 4

Press Generate and wait for Your report.
Now You can see the results in a table view or export them to CSV, HTML or XLSX files.

Active Directory group report

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