AD FastReporter - Online manual

Main window

AD FastReporter main window

1. Main menu

AD FastReporter report forms menu

Report forms
1. Create a new report form.
2. Create a new report form using Report Form Creation Wizard.
3. Import an XML file with the report form parameters.
4. Edit selected report form.
5. Export selected report form parameters to an XML file.
6. Delete selected report form.
7. Shortcuts to all report forms.

AD FastReporter view menu

1. Switch to dashboard view.
2. Switch to the report view.

AD FastReporter tools menu

1. Open Connection manager.
2. Open Task manager.
3. AD FastReporter options.

AD FastReporter help menu

1. Offline help manual.
2. Online help manual.
3. Show Getting started guide.
4. Send feedback or report a bug.
5. Check for updates.
6. About AD FastReporter.

2. Toolbar

AD FastReporter toolbar

1. Go to the Main window. Useful when you have opened lots of reports.
2. Active AD connection can be changed if needed.
3. Shortcut to Connection manager.
4. Shortcut to Task manager.
5. Close all open report tabs.
6. Offline help manual.
7. Email the Albus Bit support team.

3. Category tabs

AD FastReporter reports categories

Select the required report category from these eight options: Users, Computers, Groups, Exchange, Contacts, Printers, Group Policy Objects and Organizational Units.

4. Report form list

List of report forms for selected report category. Select the report form you need.

5. Selected report form info

Description can be used to easily find the report you need and to understand what result it will generate. It shows report filter conditions in easy-to-understand language.

6. Field customization

Customize fields

1. Filter available fields.
2. Full available fields list.
3. Add field from available fields list to display fields list.
4. Remove field from display fields list and put it back in available fields list.
5. Filter display fields.
6. Full display fields list.
7. Selected field LDAP name. Last selected field from available or display fields list.
8. Selected field description. Last selected field from available or display fields list.

7. Generate

Start report generation process.

8. Application logs

Shows info, warnings and error information.

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