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Options - Email

AD FastReporter allows You to send reports via email.
But first You have to configure the email settings in Tools-->Options-->Email.

AD FastReporter email options

1. Email Server Name(SMTP)

Your SMTP email server address, for example,

2. Port

Your SMTP server port, for example, 587.

3. Use SSL

Tick if SSL required.

4. Requires authentication

Tick if authentication is required.

5. User name

Your SMTP username.

6. Password

Your SMTP password.

7. Email sender's address

Your email address.

8. Default email recipient

The default e-mail address used to save time when frequently sending messages to a single user.

9. Test message

Open the email test form to verify Your email settings.

AD FastReporter email settings test
  1. Email recipient.
  2. Carbon Copy (CC) is also the receiver of Your mail, who’ll receive the copy of Your mail.
  3. Email subject.
  4. Email message.

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