Active Directory reporting tool

AD FastReporter - made to make your life simpler. It has been specially designed to ensure all aspects of working with Active Directory reports - generation, storing, scheduling and sharing – are quicker, easier and more efficient. It will be a great help to your organization and you don’t need any knowledge of scripting or LDAP. If you choose the Free version, you can use various built-in report forms to generate reports. But if you choose the Pro version, you will be able to use additional tools to create your own customized report forms.
More information - AD FastReporter product page.

Free version | Not just a trial
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AD FastReporter home screen

AD FastReporter home screen

NTFS Permissions Auditor

NTFS Permissions Auditor - saves your business valuable time by simplifying the process of analyzing, verifying and reviewing NTFS folder permissions. Choose the version most suitable to your organization’s requirements - our Free version provides you with a comprehensive and effective audit while Pro version offers additional great benefits including the flexibility of powerful, customizable filtering and exports to various formats.
More information - NTFS Permissions Auditor product page.

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AD Group Manager

AD Group Manager - puts you firmly in control as you take responsibility for managing group membership in Active Directory. You can search quickly and easily for managed groups and add or remove members. Our Free version will help make your operations simpler and more effective while Pro version provides the additional benefits of unlimited active users and priority customer support.
More information - AD Group Manager product page.

Free version | For small businesses
Buy Now Enterprise version | One-off payment - just $299
AD Group Manager home screen

AD Photo Editor home screen

AD Photo Editor

AD Photo Editor makes it easy to manage your photos in Active Directory.
It enables you to save photos and use them with a range of applications including Outlook emails and contacts, Global Address Lists, SharePoint, Lync and Skype for Business. The Free version allows you to quickly find and edit photos while the Pro version also enables you to import and export large numbers of photos.
AD Photo Editor is quick and simple to use whatever your level of expertise and makes your photo management more effective and efficient.
More information - AD Photo Editor product page.

Free version | Find and edit single user photo
Buy Now Pro version (from just $59) | Import and export large numbers of photos

AD Administrator

Make the way you manage active and inactive user and computer accounts more efficient. With a range of filters, AD Administrator enables you to identify accounts quickly and easily before performing a range of actions on them, including disabling, deleting, removing from all groups, adding to a group, moving to another organizational unit and more.
More information - AD Administrator product page.

Free version | For small businesses
Buy Now Pro version | Starting from just $199
AD Administrator home screen

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