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Software solutions for reporting and managing Active Directory

Our products are quick to install and easy to use. Almost all our products have free versions that provide basic functionality. And affordable Pro versions that provide additional functionality and customization for your needs.


Some of our customers

AD FastReporter – Fast and flexible AD reports
Albus Bit AD FastReporter is a lightweight, affordable desktop application that lets you generate premade or custom Active Directory (AD) reports and export them to a variety of different formats.
--Timothy Warner (Source)

Well done, great addition to my tool belt.
I've been using AD FastReporter Pro for about 6 months. I happened into it in my search for continued support with ADinfo by CJWdev, who vanished into thin air somewhere. Due to his disappearance I was stuck without a tool and an impending regulatory audit and AD FastReporter came to the rescue.
I use this for auditing purposes both for internal audits as well as regulatory audits. It has so far been great for this. It allows the creation of custom reports and even allows for saving of older reports for reference if you need to try and track a change or compare current information to older information. Every report is easy to customize to help get the info you need. There are plenty of pre-built reports as well that should fit most any need out of the box. Reports are exportable to csv, xlsx, and html as well as the ability to queue up an email right from within the application.
--Brandon Hill (Source)

I downloaded this and ran a few reports. It's very fast and lightweight. Most of the reports are something that I could do myself by building my own export scripts, but each report would take some time to develop on my own.
I am impressed with the ease of building/modifying reports. It's really simple to add/remove Active Directory fields and apply filters to the reports.
It only took a few minutes for me to realize the value. I went ahead and purchased and this is going to be a real time-saver for my admin toolbox!
--David from TX, United States (Source)

I have tested your tool and have found it to be quite useful for the general type of reports one may need to run . The mix of built in reports is quite comprehensive.I like that you have added export to Excel which is missing from other AD reporting tools I have tried.
Keep up the good work.
--Waynne, Netcare

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