AD Group Manager

Self-service Active Directory group management tool

This tool enables users to take responsibility for managing group membership for their managed groups in Active Directory. To allow group management for a specific user, you simply set them up as the group’s manager and enable the “Manager can update membership list” option. For small businesses we offer a Free version, which provides the same features but has an active user limit of 50. For larger organizations, we offer an Enterprise version without any user limit, and with priority customer support.

Free version | For small businesses
Enterprise version | One-off payment - just $299

How it works

1. Install it on the manager’s computer.

2. When AD Group Manager launches, it will use current user information to determine all the direct managed groups and all indirect manager groups. For example, if the user is a member of Manager group, then they will get all groups that are managed by Manager group.

3. The user will see a list of managed groups and they can select one - to view its current members and to add or remove members from it.

Easy to setup

This program provides seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory.

Easy setup and maintenance.

Role-based group management.


Reduce or eliminate your organization’s security risks.

Empower your users to perform tasks independently.

Increase staff productivity.

Free up your IT department.

Key features

Simple user interface and easy to use.

Find new members

It’s easy to find new members you want to add. Simply type part of their name and AD Group Manager will search for and display all matching options, enabling you to select the one you want. All searches are carried out by name - you choose the account types (user, computer and group) to search.

Nested managed groups

Works with groups that are managed by other groups of which the user is a member.

Multi-domain friendly

The manager can add members from other domains in your forest and from trusted external domains.

Quick export

Export current group members to an Excel file.

Fast and easy setup

It’s easy to setup - just install the software and it’s ready to use without any additional configuration. AD Group Manager uses the current user to find all its managed groups.


Free version limitations

The Free version is intended for small organizations, where the Active Directory active user count is below 50. If this limit is reached, AD Group Manager will work in trial mode, which means all the features will be available and working, but you will not be able to add or remove any group members.
The LDAP filter used to determine active user count is “(&(sAMAccountType=805306368)(!userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2))”.
You can check your current active user count using this PowerShell script:
(Get-ADUser -LDAPFilter "(&(sAMAccountType=805306368)(!userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2))").Count

Software Requirements

Supports Windows OS Windows operating system starting from Windows XP SP3 and above (including Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016).
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and above.

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