No, you can install it on any workstation that can connect to your domain. It can also be installed on domain controller but we don't recommend it.
Yes, it works on any Windows OS with .Net framework version 4.0 Client Profile and above.
No, if you have Windows 8 / Windows Server 2012 or above which by default comes with .Net Framework 4.5. But if you have older OS and have not installed .Net 4.0 Client Profile or above then installation will install .Net 4.0 Client Profile and this could require a reboot.
The .NET Framework setup will require a reboot when one of the files it needs to install is in use during installation. There are a handful of files that are shared by all versions of the .NET Framework, so if there is an earlier version of the .NET Framework installed on the system than the one that is currently being installed, and a managed application is running and holding one of the shared files in use, then a reboot could be required at the end of installation.
No, you can use any user who can log into the domain.
AD FastReporter setup includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The installation process will automatically determine appropriate version for your PC.
Report storage
You can completely turn off report saving in the storage in Tools -> Options -> Check 'Don't save reports in database' -> Save and restart AD FastReporter.
Yes, you can delete any report by opening it and by pressing a button 'Delete report'.
Error logs
Disclaimer: Turn it on only when asked by support person to reproduce your problem and help us fix it. It can cause serious performance issues.
To turn on error logging in AD FastReporter you need to add "/log" argument when launching AD FastReporter. AD FastReporter Logging
After the problem is reproduced, close the program and find the error log (ADFastReporter.log) in AppData folder that usually is C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\AlbusBit\ADFastReporter.
Do not forget to remove "/log" argument from your shortcut.

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