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Your Active Directory report is just a few clicks away!

AD FastReporter is a great way to make generating, storing, scheduling and sharing AD reports easier and faster. It’s straightforward to use so you don't need to be a scripting or LDAP expert. With our free version, you can use a range of built-in forms to generate reports, while our Pro version provides additional tools to help you create your own customized report forms.

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  • Accurate, fast and easy to use
  • No monthly fees
Free version | Not just a trial – it’s yours to keep
Pro version | Starting from just $299
Free version | Not just a trial – it’s yours to keep
Pro version | Starting from just $299

Need reports from AD?

AD FastReporter is an Active Directory reporting tool that saves valuable time for you and your business – no knowledge of scripting or LDAP is required.
It’s so easy to use!

1. Choose your required report category:

  • users
  • computers
  • groups
  • exchange
  • contacts
  • printers
  • group policy objects
  • organizational units

2. Browse through the built-in report forms to find the one most suitable and then customize it if necessary.

3. Press ‘Generate’ and sit back while the AD FastReporter creates the report.
View screenshots.

Easy and fast

Get started within minutes

AD FastReporter sets you up easily and quickly.

Simple user interface

Our user interface is designed for all levels of knowledge.

Optimized reporting technology

AD FastReporter is one of the fastest reporting tools available and enables you to generate complex reports quickly and accurately.

All your reports

User reports

  • user status (inactive, locked out, disabled, etc.),
  • recently modified,
  • without a thumbnail photo,
  • bad password attempts in the last 30 days,
  • must change the password,
  • logged on in the last 30 days,
  • password never expires,
  • recently created,
  • and more.

Computer reports

  • created in the last 30 days,
  • modified in the last 7 days,
  • with Windows 10 OS,
  • computer status (deleted, disabled, inactive, unmanaged, etc.),
  • and more.

More reports

Choose from more than 200 groups, exchange users, contacts, printers, group policy objects and organizational unit reports which are available.
View the full report list.

Key features

Report storage

AD FastReporter gets you up and running with a built-in local database and database engine so there’s nothing to install or configure. AD FastReporter automatically saves all your custom report forms and generated reports to the secure database, but, if you prefer, you can easily turn off this function.

Automate (Pro version)

AD FastReporter helps you create various tasks that you can automate with Windows Task Scheduler or any other scheduling tool. Each task includes connection, report form, export options and email options. Every time you create a task you will receive a task ID which enables you to perform the task via the Windows command line.


You can run AD FastReporter on any modern Windows operating system and on older versions starting from Windows XP SP3 and Windows Server 2003. To make life easy, we have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions integrated into one setup file.

Export (Pro version)

You can export reports from AD FastReporter to three formats to suit your requirements – CSV, Excel (XLSX) and HTML.

Calculated attributes

AD FastReporter includes the standard LDAP attributes you may have seen in other reporting tools – and lots more besides! It offers you a range of calculated attributes that you won’t find in any other tool or in PowerShell commands. View full included field list.

Fast and efficient

AD FastReporter is one of the fastest reporting tools on the market, especially if you’re dealing with a large Active Directory object count. We boost speed and efficiency by reducing the number of LDAP requests we send to your domain controllers.

Custom reports (Pro version)

It’s easy to make changes to AD FastReporter’s built-in report forms or create a bespoke report from scratch. Our intelligent filter manager saves you valuable time by making it quick and straightforward to create custom report forms.

Email support

To improve the efficiency of your communications, you can send reports directly from AD FastReporter as email messages or attachments (CSV, Excel (XLSX) and HTML).


To ensure accuracy, all our field values are processed by information from official Microsoft resources. AD FastReporter can handle various field types ranging from inherited memberships to non-replicated attributes like last logon and bad password time.

See the full feature/screenshot list

Free vs Pro version

Free version Pro version
Generate 200+ reports included included
8 report categories included included
Customize reports with 370 fields included included
Multiple domain connections included included
Export to files (CSV, XLSX, HTML) included included
Report storage not included included
Priority customer support not included included
Create custom report filters not included included
Guaranteed updates and bug fixes not included included
Automated reporting not included included
Customize HTML export forms not included included
Additional fields to generate more in-depth reports not included included
Additional built-in report forms to generate advanced reports not included included
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User reviews

I downloaded this and ran a few reports. It's very fast and lightweight. Most of the reports are something that I could do myself by building my own export scripts, but each report would take some time to develop on my own.
I am impressed with the ease of building/modifying reports. It's really simple to add/remove Active Directory fields and apply filters to the reports.
It only took a few minutes for me to realize the value. I went ahead and purchased and this is going to be a real time-saver for my admin toolbox!
--David from TX, United States (Source)

I have tested your tool and have found it to be quite useful for the general type of reports one may need to run . The mix of built in reports is quite comprehensive.I like that you have added export to Excel which is missing from other AD reporting tools I have tried.
Keep up the good work.
--Waynne, Netcare

The report I like the most is finding “last logon time”, “last logon machine” and etc. This requires accessing all domain controller hence it has been written to the job neatly. In addition, it has a database that keeps track all your report hence if you schedule it to run every day, you will know on a daily/weekly basis what account has been created and make awareness until it is too late. I think for me, it is a great tool to keep track what has changed and the result was kept every day.
--Jian An Lim, Ensyst

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Software Requirements

Supports Windows OS Windows operating system starting from Windows XP SP3 and above (including Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016).
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and above.

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