AD FastReporter

Create Active Directory reports with a few clicks

Designed to ease creating, storing, scheduling and distributing of AD reports. It has various built-in report forms that you can use to generate reports and in the Pro version, features to create your own custom report forms. You don't even have to be a scripting or LDAP expert.

  • Accurate, fast and easy to use
  • No monthly fees
Free version | Not just a trial
Pro version | Starting from $50

Need reports from AD?

Save yourself time with this AD reporting tool. It is suitable for users with no scripting or LDAP knowledge. Just choose from 8 report categories - users, computers, groups, exchange, contacts, printers, group policy objects, organizational units and browse built-in reports forms by reading their descriptions and finding the required report form. Customize display fields if needed, press Generate and wait for the results.

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Easy and fast

Get started within minutes

AD FastReporter will get you started quickly and easily.

Simple user interface

The user interface is designed to be clear for all level users.

Optimized reporting technology

One of the fastest reporting tools available, especially when you have many objects.

Various reports

User reports

Inactive, locked out, disabled, recently modified, recently created, must change the password, logged on in the last 30 days, password never expires, bad password attempts in the last 30 days, without a thumbnail photo and more.

Computer reports

Created in the last 30 days, modified in the last 7 days, with Windows 10 OS, deleted, disabled, inactive, unmanaged computers and more.

More reports

Groups, Exchange users, Contacts, Printers, Group Policy Objects and organizational unit reports. View the full report list.

Key features

Report storage

AD FastReporter comes with a built-in local database and database engine. You need not worry about installing or configuring the database engine. All your custom report forms and generated reports will be saved in this secure database, but if you do not want it, you easily turn it off in the options.

Automate (Pro version)

You can create various tasks that you can automate by using Windows Task Scheduler or any other scheduling tool. The task comprises connection, report form, export options, and email options. After the task is created, you can call it from the command line by adding argument "task [your task id]".


You can run it on any modern Windows operating system and even on older versions starting from Windows XP SP3 and Windows Server 2003. We have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions integrated into one setup file.


You can export reports to three formats - CSV, Excel (XLSX) and HTML. View export sample files.

Calculated attributes

AD FastReporter does not include only standard LDAP attributes that you may have seen in other reporting tools, but we also offer a bunch of calculated attributes that you will not find in any other tool or even in PowerShell commands. View full included field list.

Fast and efficient

We have optimized our reporting algorithm and measured it to competitors. Moreover, we can say we have one of the fastest reporting tools, especially when dealing with a very big Active Directory object count. We are sending fewer LDAP requests to your Domain Controllers possible to make it both efficient and fast.

Custom reports (Pro version)

If you need to make some changes in our built-in report forms or you want to create your report form from scratch, you can easily do so. Create and modify your custom reports by using our intelligent filter manager, which makes custom report creating easy and straightforward.

Email support

Send reports directly from AD FastReporter as an email message or as attachments (CSV, XLSX, and HTML).


All our field values are processed by information from official Microsoft resources. AD FastReporter can handle various field types starting from inherited memberships to non-replicated attributes like last logon, bad password time, etc.

See the full feature list.

Free vs Pro version

Free version


Create reports using 200+ built-in report forms
Export reports to files (CSV, XLSX, HTML)
Report storage
Multi-domain connections

Pro version

Starting from $50

one-time payment
Create reports using 200+ built-in report forms
Export reports to files (CSV, XLSX, HTML)
Report storage
Multi-domain connections
Customer support
Create your own custom report forms
Request new report forms
Guaranteed updates and bug fixes
Task manager

User reviews

AD FastReporter Pro version


Single license


one-time payment
Single admin in a single business or organization

Multi license

$40 per admin

one-time payment
Multiple admins in a single business or organization

Enterprise license


one-time payment
Unlimited admins in a single business or organization

A license is required for each user using or accessing the software.
Except for Enterprise license, you will receive one product key which can be used for unlimited installs in a single business or organization.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

Your payment is securely processed by our partner, Avangate.

Software Requirements

Supports Windows OS Windows operating system starting from Windows XP SP3 and above (including Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016).
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile and above.

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