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Active Directory group management tool

Install AD Group Manager Web on your Windows Server and let the Active Directory group manager view, add, and remove members of the groups he or she manages.

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Install it locally on your IIS web server, no external resources required. All files and data are stored on your server, no information is stored or processed on Albus Bit servers.


Group manager can log in to the AD Group Manager Web app using their credentials or automatically log in using Windows Authentication (Kerberos protocol).


Easily change web app titles, taglines, footers, logos to suit your business standards. Customize the attributes visible to users, available actions, and allowed object types.

Key features

Managed groups only

Finds only groups that this user can manage. The search is performed by managedBy and msExchCoManagedByLink attributes filters. All group memberships for this user are also taken into account in the search.

See group members

See all current group member information like first name, last name, email, job title, department, account status (enabled / disabled) and more.

Add new group members

Search for new members by full name or partial phrase. And easily add multiple group members at once.

Remove group members

Select one or more group members that you want to remove, and they will be removed after you agree to the confirmation dialog.

Quick export to PDF, Excel

Export visible group or member information to PDF or Excel file formats.

Windows authentication

Enable Windows authentication to automatically authenticate users using the Kerberos protocol.

Tailor to your brand

Change web application headers, slogans, footers, and logos to quickly customize them to your guidelines.

Set restrictions

Set what object types users can add as new members, what attributes it can see, and whether to allow data to be exported.

Editing basic data

Let managers edit group descriptions, group members - first names, last names, descriptions, office addresses, job titles, departments, and other fields.

Activity logging

Logging will allow you to keep track of any changes that a manager has made. See who, when, and what changes have been made.

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Customers who entrust their group management to us:

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AD Group Manager Web is supported only in modern browsers. This includes the following versions.

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