AD FastReporter - Screenshots

Easy to use interface

AD FastReporter interface is easy to understand and straight-forward.

Field info

All fields have easy to understand names, original LDAP attribute names, and explanatory descriptions.

View reports

You can review reports in a grid view before exporting or emailing to somebody.

Multi connections

You can have multiple Active Directory connections to any domain your workstation can reach, as well as custom credentials and OU/container filter.

Report created

After the report is created, you can choose various quick options to speed up your work. You can immediately export it to file or email it.

Custom report forms

Easily create your own custom report forms, or duplicate built-in ones, and make additional changes.

Custom report forms - filter manager

Our filter manager is intuitive and easy to use - just select the field you want to filter, then it will show all available operations and in the end, fill in your filter value.


You can choose and add any field from available fields list to your custom or any built-in report form. See all available fields.

Built-in report forms

Choose from over 200 built-in report forms. See all built-in report forms.

Export reports

You can export reports to CSV, Excel (XLSX) and HTML formats. See sample files.

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