AD FastReporter - Screenshots and Features

Easy to use interface

The AD FastReporter interface is easy to use and understand.


All report fields have a description and LDAP attribute name so it’s easy to find fields and understand what each one will show you.
All field values are converted to an easily readable format so they are easy to understand and you don’t have to use other tools to convert the values.
You can select and add any field from the available fields list to your custom or built-in report form. See all available fields.

View reports

You can review reports in a grid view before exporting or emailing them.

Multiple connections

You can have multiple Active Directory connections to any domain your workstation can reach, as well as custom credentials and an OU/container filter.

Custom report forms

It’s easy to create your own custom report forms or duplicate built-in ones, and to make any changes you require.

Custom report forms - filter manager

Our filter manager is intuitive and easy to use - just select the field you want to filter. It will display all the available operations, and you simply enter your filter value.

Built-in report forms

Choose from over 200 built-in report forms. See all built-in report forms.

Export reports

You can export reports to CSV, Excel (XLSX) and HTML formats.
You can also send reports directly from AD FastReporter as an email message or attachment (CSV, XLSX and HTML).

Export sample files



Reports are saved in the archive - a secure, local database - so that you can view export reports that you have created previously.
AD FastReporter uses SQLite as an embedded SQL database engine. SQLite does not need a server or separate process - it only needs the .DLL files and database file that are included in the setup file. More information.


This feature enables you to execute a task via the command line and schedule it from your favorite task scheduling tool to automate the report generation and distribution process.

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