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NTFS Permissions Auditor - Online manual

Create, edit and delete filters

All filtering commands are available under Filter tab.

1. New

Create new filter group.

2. Edit

Edit selected filter group.

3. Delete

Delete selected filter group.

4. Selected filter

Currently selected filter group.

5. Clear the currently applied filter group

Clear applied filter. If post audit filter was applied then this will revert it back to initial audit results.

6. Apply selected filter group

Apply selected filter group as the post audit filter.

Filter manager

You can create or edit filter with filter manager.

1. Name

Specify filter name.

2. Field

Select the field You want to filter.

3. Operation

Select the filter operation. Each field has its own set of available filter operations.

4. Value

Enter the filter operation value. Every field and its operation have their own value type, for example, it can be a textbox, dropdown, Active Directory object or other.

5. Select value from Active Directory

If You have selected field, which accepts Active Directory value, then You can lookup its value.

6. Delete current filter condition

Delete this filter.

7. Add AND filter condition

Add AND filter condition..

8. Add OR filter condition

Add OR filter condition..

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