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NTFS Permissions Auditor - Online manual

Profile directories

1. Add

Open Add Directory dialog.

2. Remove

Remove currently selected directories.

3. Directories list

Display full profile directory list.

4. Select all

Select all profile directories.

5. Deselect all

Deselect all profile directories.

Add Directory dialog

1. Single directory

Select or browse a single directory.

2. Full path

Enter full directory path.

3. Browse

Browse directory path.

4. Import directory list

Import text file with multiple directory list.

  1. Import text file path
  2. Browse import text file

5. Locate shares

Find shares on server or on all domain computers.

  1. Enter computer name You want to find all shares
  2. Enter domain name You want to find all computers and their shares
  3. Start share finding process
  4. Available shares

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